DS Domination Compensation Plan – Breakdown

The DS Domination Compensation Plan – Is It Profitable?

The ds domination compensation plan is an extremely profitable and lucrative one. Many affiliates have been taking advantage of it by simply sharing the companies awesome training courses with their friends, family and connections. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, if someone joins DSD through your unique referral links, you will earn ongoing commissions.


We all know that a LOT of people are making good income selling drop ship items on ebay after gaining the knowledge, tools and software’s via the ds domination back office. However, what some don’t realise is that the company also has a network marketing side to it, with huge potential to increase your earnings even further.

However, I want to make it quite clear before going any further that it is in no way required for you to be an affiliate for the company. If you wish, you can simply sign up as a customer and start using their products right away. On the other hand, if you wish to be an affiliate, you simply activate your membership which can be done at any stage, even months later on down the line. Sometimes people wish to test the products before recommending them to others and that’s a smart idea.

Now, as for the ds domination compensation plan, it pays out into a very impressive 10 levels deep. This includes a humongous 50% for personally enrolled customers and a generous 10% on the second level. With such awesome products, it’s not difficult to introduce people to the program.

As an example of how this works, let’s say you decide to introduce your brother Keith, who’s sees the potential with DSD and gets signed up at the PRO level. Keith would be on your first level, he would start paying the $19.95 membership fee to get access to the products and tools. As mentioned, the first personal level pays 50% so you would earn just under $10 each and every month for as long as Keith remains a member.

However, that’s just the very beginning of the ds domination compensation plan. If Keith were to decide to become an affiliate himself, you would also earn 10% for every customer Keith signs up. Keep in mind, there is no limits to this, you could sign up 10, 20 or more people and so could Keith.

Take a look at this chart for a breakdown of all of the 10 levels and the commission they each pay out.

ds-domination-levelsWhen it comes to the affiliate program, you have a few choices. You can either be just an affiliate or both a customer and an affiliate. If you want to start earning by showing others DSD, then become just an affiliate of the company. On the other hand, if your going to try and sell the products, it’s probably best to also purchase them. One of the first questions people will ask you during a sales pitch is ”how much do you make with ebay?” or ”does the training actually work?”. It’s important that you know the products you are trying to sell.

In conclusion, the ds domination compensation plan is a powerful one. By paying into 10 levels, it gives the affiliates the chance to earn, even from sales they never personally made. That is something that is very lucrative.

Become an affiliate today and watch your income grow!

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