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If you have been searching the internet looking for a legitimate way to start a home based business then look no further because ds domination could be it. Launched in late 2013, this direct selling network marketing company is quite different from anything else out there. This mainly comes down to the fact that most of the members are earning income with it, not loosing it.


Unlike other network marketing companies where the majority of members loose money on a monthly basis while the top 3% or less get rich, with DSD (for short), users learn how to start generating profits using ebay, without ever relying on recruitment as the primary or only source of income.

It’s also not uncommon to see network marketing companies with the sole focus on recruiting others. Their products tend to be over priced and quite frankly, valueless. Take away the compensation plan and there’s a high chance no-one would buy the products in the first place. DS Domination on the other hand has a product line that is of high value and is set at prices that everyone can afford.

In fact, the customer to affiliate ratio is an alarmingly good one to say the least. Most people join purely for the products and have no intention of even activating the affiliate plan. That is proof in itself that the company actually offers value to it’s members.


Watch Roger Langille, The DSD Owner Explain More About The Company:

The first product of the line is the PRO membership which comes at a cost of $19.95 on a monthly basis. This gives you access to a detailed training course, software’s and live weekly webinar meetings. The training is designed to show newbies how to start making profits online using ebay and the highly effective technique of drop shipping.

If you don’t already know, drop shipping is when a seller only actually buys the products AFTER they sell. There is no keeping any stock/inventory, no buying anything upfront and best of all, the suppliers deal with all the packaging and postage of items.

Breakdown Of Drop Shipping:

Let’s say, as an example that you stumble across a rabbit hutch that is currently being sold by the supplier for a cost of $49.99. After doing some research, which you will learn how to do after becoming part of my team, you discover that it’s been selling really well. People have been literally fighting over themselves to buy this rabbit hutch because it’s such a good deal.


You then decide to list it on ebay for the price of $64.99 before you have actually taken the step to buy it. Someone finds your listing and decides to snatch it up at still a very competitive price compared to other sellers. That means, you would pocket just under a $15 profit. Once the item has sold, you then process the order by buying it from the main supplier. They then package up and send the item direct to the consumer. A genius strategy to say the least.

That’s Great! But Where Does DS Domination Come Into This?

Well, that’s a great question. Although drop shipping is a relatively straight forward technique, there are a lot of common mistakes that newbies tend to make when first starting out. DS Dominations training courses will show you how to avoid these mistakes by out laying the whole entire process from start to finish.


The company gives average Joe and Jane’s the chance to start profiting alongside the big dogs. And in-case you are thinking ”how can I be sure it works?” let me tell you this, Roger Langille, the owner behind the company has been using the same strategy for over 10 years to earn full time income, working only part time from his own home.


He has managed to achieve the rank of a titanium power seller and in just one year alone, gained over 1 million, yes, I said it, million dollars in sales. You can be sure this guy knows what he is talking about and he is not going to steer you in the wrong direction.

DS Domination also has another level of membership called Elite, this is designed to help you gain even more advanced skills. A chance to go from earning ten to twenty dollars profit on sold items to 40, 50 or even 100 dollars. However, most newbies tend to start at the PRO level and once they feel confident enough and are earning some income, they then upgrade to ELITE at a later date.


How Can You Be Sure DSD Works?

It’s natural to be sceptical when researching any type of business, we all know how many scams there are these days. In the beginning, admittedly, I too was little sceptical thinking it;s most likely too good to be true. However, after testing it out for myself, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about selling on ebay to making daily and consistent sales running my own store.

Therefore, I am living proof that the system really does work and delivers what it says on the tin. Furthermore, I’m not the only one. There are literally thousands of people out there who have managed to build a successful drop shipping business all thanks to the skills they gained by simply following the training tutorials inside the back office.

Don’t believe me? That’s ok, why not check out my ds domination proof page. Watch over my shoulder as I login to my eBay back office and show you the types of results I’ve been getting. Here is the latest video I made which is on day 25 of running my store, I think you will agree, my figures are impressive:

However, if you thought the fun stopped there then you can think again because as mentioned at the very start of this article, this is actually also a direct selling network marketing company. That means, by introducing others to ds domination, you can earn even more income. The compensation plan is a very generous one indeed, paying into 10 levels deep with 50% up for grabs on the first level.

That means, if for example, you were to introduce your friend Brain who also saw the potential and decided to get stuck in at the PRO level. If you are an affiliate, you would earn half of his $19.95 fee on an ongoing monthly residual basis. Pretty awesome huh?


DS Domination truly is a one of kind platform and training suite, jam packed full of value and bursting at the seems with potential. This is your chance to get out of the rat race and start building your own business. Many people have already found success with it and you could be next.

Be sure to study this website upside down for more in depth information or better yet, why not visit my main website for all the ins and outs on each of the product levels, the compensation plan and of course, the success stories.

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